Welfare Officer Role

The Welfare Officer of the Retired Primary Principal’s Association is appointed to ensure the dissemination of information to its members about colleagues who are suffering ill-health, undergoing an operation, in palliative care or who has passed away.

The welfare officer’s name, and other identified executive officers, will be provided on the website and in NEWSLETTERS so that all members have access. Our membership will be encouraged to inform us of any colleagues who are not members who are also experiencing health issues.

It is imperative that the Welfare Officer provides a confidential role in ensuring that any identified person and/or their families has consented to the information being disseminated  to colleagues across NSW. It is the responsibility of the welfare officer to ensure that there is a process in place that adheres to this confidentiality clause.

The Welfare Officer:

    • sends information to the President of RPPA so that a notice can be sent on his behalf to the members
    • answers any queries as to the best knowledge available about visiting, contact with family or funeral arrangements.
    • ensure that, where the person is a member of the RPPA, a representative of RPPA is attending the funeral of a passed colleague
    • writes a Vale report for the newsletter