ARPP was formed in 2005 inspired by the efforts of a Group of then recently Retired principals led by John McMillan, a Past President of the NSWPPA.

It involved attending various Principals Meetings including the NSWPPA, District Meetings and even the Group called the FOGS (Friends of Glenfield). A data base of emails and telephone numbers provided the avenue for reaching out current Retirees.

The purpose of the Association was to provide avenues for Retirees to be able to communicate and reach out to colleagues in their retirement.

The establishment of the Retired Group were sponsored by the current PPA which provided a seeding grant to assist with the formation of the Association.

The first President was John McMillan who served in that role up until 2016.

Involved in the early Executive were well known Retirees such as Colin Labrie, Ken Peres, Cheryl Buckley, Tom Croker, Brian Powyer, Graham Hayton, Heather Causley & Noel West. (Not sure whether john Davies was part of this group)


President          Tom Croker

Vice President   Heather Causley

Vice President   Rick Riddle

Secretary          Kerryanne Knox

Treasurer          Noel West      


Coordinator      Maurie Bird


Coordinator      Kerryanne Knox


Members          Geoff Scott, Jackie Malecki, Chris Worthington & Ray Gentles


Luncheon Meetings are held at Metropolitan Venues and various Country Venues.

In the early years we met at locations such as Tattersalls in the city and venues in Parramatta.

We currently meet for Metropolitan Luncheons four times per year at venues such as Kirribilli Club, Rowing Club at Abbotsford, The Emperors Garden Restaurant in Chinatown and Epping Club for our Annual Christmas celebration.

We also have Country Luncheon visits held in various locations & Venues such as Woy Woy, Gosford, Newcastle, Toronto, Dapto and Illawarra. They have provided a great opportunity to catch up with our Retirees in those locations.


Over the years several of our members have enjoyed visits to centres such as Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Hunter valley, Wagga Wagga, Dubbo and Mudgee  for an overnight stay, dinner and golf.


The annual subscription for members is $50.00 per year. This assists with our operations, Website maintenance and the provision of drinks for our lunches. It also enables us to provide a discounted lunch fee for members.

In 2020 we introduced a new category of membership in recognition of those retirees who are unable to attend meetings due to their location away from the Metropolitan areas.

The new fee for such members has been set at $30 per year.


Each year we organise for an ARPP Golf Championship. The few years it was held at the Castle hill Golf Club sponsored by EdPlan (First Capital) through Phil Campbell.

In recent years, the event has been held at Massey park Golf Club. The current holder of the ARPP Trophy is Peter Dawson.          (Maurie & Graham may add further details).


A Website was established several years ago to provide information and details of Event being organised for members. The Webmaster was Brian Powyer our secretary for many years.

The site is currently under redevelopment to provide more information and topics for members designed to cover areas such as Keeping in Touch, Stories & People, Life After the Principalship, Health and Wellbeing and Who Are We? With member Profiles.



Our Charity of Choice is Stewart House to which we devote proceedings from raffles held at various events throughout the year. We encourage our Members to support this wonderful organisation either through donations or fixed contributions similar to the teacher salary contributions.


Several of our members came to the rescue of the Friends of Stewart House a few years ago who sought our support to assist with maintaining the operations. The current FOSH Executive Committee is largely made up of ARPP members who promote various events towards raising of funds to support Stewart House with $15-20,000 each yea



Many of our members are Life Members of the NSWPPA which is recognised each year by the PPA.

During Annual Conference they provide a Life Members Day in recognition of the contributions made by such members to public education and to the PPA.


ARPP are invited to present a Report to each State Council Meeting outlining the activities and events being provided for members.

They also provide Life members with a copy of their regular newsletter “What’s Hot” to help maintain our understanding of the activities and Agendas the PPA are involved.

On occasion we are also asked for comment and feedback on critical issues involving our schools and Principals in recognition of the wealth of knowledge and experience that Retirees have to offer.


We have been fortunate to have been sponsored for several years by Phil Campbell together with his son Joel, which has assisted us with our ongoing operations.

The sponsorship was initially from EdPlan (First Capital) and it is now through Campbell Financials when Phil & Joel established their own financial Company.

They frequently join with us at our Luncheons and promote ARPP to their clients.




Tom Croker