ARPP Report to State C 18-19 Nov 2021

 ARPP – Association of Retired Primary Principals

Observer: President Tom Croker


Executive Liaison: Vice P Trish Peters

 WE are very appreciative of the opportunity to present our Report and of the support we receive from the NSWPPA


WE would like to offer our congratulations to those members who were recognised at the Awards Ceremony for their various contributions to the PPA, schools and students. We extend an invitation to the Life members and other retirees in 2021 to join our Association and become part of the ARPP Network



Christmas Lunch at Epping Club

WE are pleased to be proceeding with this very important Annual event which takes place on 2 December at the Epping Club. We have several guests and we have extended an invitation to President Robyn to join with us.


Our new site continues to develop, and we are presently working on a section for members called “Keeping in Touch”. As part of ‘Staying Up to Date’ we have commenced circulating items to members such as the call Student Behaviour Strategy, Casual Teaching Shortage, Support Fairer Education and  an article ‘The Failure of Modern Leadership’ Issues.

The new site domain name is


COVID Restrictions have made the provision of a normal program over the past 18 months next to

impossible. However, arrangements are now in place for the re-opening in 20022. The physical. Social and emotional wellbeing programs have been modified to ensure an appropriate adjustment to the COVID requirements for the wellbeing of the students.

Importantly, all staff have been fully vaccinated to protect the most vulnerable of the students and to provide a healthy & safe workplace for students and staff.

Ensuring that we have sufficient finances to maintain the Program will now be a major priority and the support of the NSWPPA in promoting the teacher salary sacrifice initiative as well as support from schools will be critical in 2022.

FOSH (Friends of Stewart House)

ARPP is a major supporter of FOSH with many of our members involved with the management of this very worthy organisation.

The Pandemic has seriously limited opportunities to fund raise but we have had two very successful activities. These involved a members ‘Hundreds Club’ that raised $1,500 and a Xmas Wine Order which resulted in some 71 Dozen wine orders raising $3,685 for Stewart House. A big thank you to our ARPP members who supported the Fund raiser and especially to member Brian Collins who coordinated the Orders.



We continue to seek your support in promoting our organisation as a strong advocate for our schools,

Leaders & NSWPPA and a continuing voice for public education. ARPP was established to provide an

avenue for retirees to keep in touch and to be able to meet and share their life in retirement.

All retirees whether they are metropolitan, or country can be involved through the various groups as they

meet during the year. If there is anyone whom you would like to contact, please inform Kerryanne Knox on, President Tom on or Geoff Scott on


Keep well, stay safe & enjoy the good life.

Tom Croker

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